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There are so many expectations about what motherhood may look like and how moms will juggle their new lives. Childbirth changes many things in a woman's life; the physical body and movement, habits and routines for self-care, communication with loved ones and partners, management of home and work life. Injury during pregnancy and birth can affect health long term.
Any other health-related situation that changes a person's life so dramatically would automatically generate a referral for rehabilitative services.

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Mom plus ME

From one mom to another.

Hi, I'm Jenica. Asan occupational therapist and mom-preneur of 3 kiddos (2 years, 4.5 years, and 7 years), I've noticed a healthcare gap for postpartum mothers. Seeing myself and my friends navigate our new lives as we came into motherhood helped me to identify the need for more care. Moms who adopt children need support during this transition as well. 

I envision a new dynamic in women's health where rehabilitation services are a given component of treatment. The services I provide do not dictate how you should be you or how you should be MOM. If you work with me, I'll be learning right along with you as we discover your needs, wants, hopes, and goals together. 

With nearly a decade of experience and training in crisis mental health, trauma informed care, perinatal mood and anxiety, breastfeeding education and physical and cognitive needs for rehabilitation, I help mom design and implement a plan for the parenting life journey that supports mom and family. I continue to seek new knowledge and evidence for rehabilitation for new moms.

Jenica Domanico, MA, OTR/L, CLEC & Owner

What do MOM + ME services look like?

Our services include individual, one-on-one meetings
in the home 
to help mom design and implement a plan for rehabilitation and becoming a new parent. Treatment plans will be client-centered but may include both a physical and mental health/cognitive focus.  Services are not diagnostic of any illness or disease but serve as a support for health and prevention of further illness.

Services may include:

  • Screening and recommendations for mental health needs

  • Screening and recommendations for pelvic health needs

  • Breastfeeding education and support

  • Assessment of occupational needs and barriers

  • Ergonomic recommendations to reduce pain and avoid injury​

  • Nutrition support through meal planning 

  • Parenting and child development education

  • Treatment plans for support to full recovery from birth and engagement in life to mom's satisfaction​

Who are these services for?

All moms looking for physical and/or mental health support during pregnancy and after birth. Services are not limited to first-time moms or moms in early postpartum. Any mom who is struggling with the day-to-day tasks of parenting, self-care, work, or home management. 

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I am a provider.
Which clients could I refer to you? 

Beneficial to clients who have experienced/are experiencing:

  • C-section surgery 

  • Complications in pregnancy, birth, or postpartum 

  • Traumatic birth

  • Preexisting mental or physical illness 

  • Pelvic pain (during urination, elimination, sexual
    intercourse or general movement)

  • Upper extremity pain or discomfort 

  • Fatigue & overwhelm

  • Limited social support


How are treatments covered?

We are now able to bill some insurance through EvolveWellOT. Contracts with BlueCross, Preferred One, Optum/Ucare, and Medical Assistance as well as the ability to bill out of network benefits with many insurance companies. Payment plans can be made for any uncovered services. 

What is the security of sensitive information? 

We value your privacy. All medical information related to mom and treatment is kept in a secure electronic medical record.

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