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MOM plus ME


Feel successful & confident in your life on your parenting journey.​ Specialized care & support for YOU.


Professional Occupational Therapy for MOM

  • Physical & mental health clinical rehabilitation

  • Body-based stress management – how to support your body to manage stress

  • Habits, routines & life management – the logistics of adulting with kids

  • Pain, fatigue & overwhelm – how to manage and heal

  • Pelvic health support, breastfeeding support, & birth recovery for parents in the early years

Motherhood Flow Course, Coaching & Consultation (COMING SOON!)

  • Non-clinical

  • Education on supporting your body for better flow

  • Group & individual coaching options

Private Pay

Manage your care out-of-pocket with Mom+Me's cash-based services:

  • 90-minute initial evaluation session

  • 60–90 minute telehealth sessions (post-evaluation) to address needs around pain, fatigue, & overwhelm

  • 30–60 minute consultation for managing daily life & self-care

  • Post-partum Planning sessions

Pay $200 for an evaluation and $125 for a 60-90 minute cash-based session (non-insurance)

Insurance Pay Services

Easily manage your care through an insurance plan with a doctor's order:

Paid based on your insurance coverage for Outpatient Occupational Therapy. Able to bill in-network and out-of-network coverage.

Motherhood Flow

Motherhood Flow offerings include:

  • 10 5-minute-or-less meditations

  • Full comprehensive course 

  • Course + public group coaching twice a year

  • Private group coaching option

  • Individual coaching sessions


Questions about Mom+Me services? Call 612-205-4340 or Send us an email

MOM plus ME provides inclusive care to all persons regardless of family dynamics, age, race, gender identity or sexual orientation.

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MOM plus ME is located in Saint Paul, MN and services the northeastern suburbs.

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