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"By night time my brain is usually out of control, but last night I was able to get so excited about our future as a family. You are such a gift and so very special to me. Through the countless hours of therapy, meds, mediation, gratitude work, physical therapy, spiritual work, self work, body care, diet work I’ve done I just felt like I couldn’t quite get over the hump into this new space I want to live in. Even with one day under my belt I’m so hopeful I have more to come thanks to you. I couldn’t be more grateful."

– S. O.


"Jenica has been a lifesaver for me. She taught me real coping skills that I could start implementing right away, and always fostered a safe, nonjudgmental environment. I've lived with OCD, anxiety, depression, and PTSD since childhood, and it really kicked into high gear post babies. She let me express what I needed and checked in to make sure we were on the right track, and I always felt confident and comfortable with what we discussed. Jenica even took the time to research and find me affordable harps and lessons because she knew that was something I missed that always helped me feel more calm. I could seriously just go on and on about how wonderful Jenica is and how important the work she is doing is for all mothers and their families. Highly highly highly recommend." 

– Beth M.

"The investment in yourself and your health is a necessity for motherhood. Jenica helped me through a time of exhaustion, brain fog, overwhelm, and survival. She gave me practical tools and the just right support to make small yet impactful changes in my daily routines and self thought patterns. Most importantly, she listened. She listened without judgment or agenda, and allowed me the space and permission to lay it all out and figure things out. She is a problem solver and a cheerleader. She is an amazing OT and I refer back to many tools and resources she provided me with often. Sometimes in the post partum months, you just need space to collect your scattered thoughts, someone to validate your journey, and guide your process back to health. Jenica is all of that."

– Kinzie Eckstein


"Jenica has mindfully and very skillfully developed this much needed area of care for women in the mothering process. She has an open heart and ear to really hear and assess what is important to a mom and develop a plan. Her background as a mental health occupational therapist has set a solid ground for this work. I have witnessed this both personally and professionally. Moms from all walks of life would benefit from Jenica’s service to successfully create, re-enter, stabilize their role as a mother, while ultimately staying true to themselves as a person. I highly recommend what Jenica has to offer."
– Nicole Arnhold, MA OTR/L

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