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When expecting moms ask me how they should plan for the weeks postpartum I answer, “Plan as if you were in a car accident. What would you, MOM, want for your care?” It is not meant to scare, it is reality.

With the possible outcomes of birth, even when things go well, having a plan for postpartum can set the family up for optimal healing. It is easy to tell people they are not needed after setting them up to help than feeling isolated and alone with a crying baby and not knowing how to ask for help when everyone is messaging how happy you must be.

An ideal plan would be have friends and family or paid staff who can attend to your needs while putting their own needs aside for a few weeks but this is not the norm in our busy culture that has forgotten the value of caring for the mothers of the next generation. Maybe family is far away or finances are tight. Maybe partner or mom needs to return to work soon after baby comes. A plan can still be made but will need to be more creative.

The recommendation is to rest and “enjoy your baby.” But that is not very clear and does not help with specifics of life management:

  1. How much rest does mom need and what does that rest look like?

  2. How can partner also rest to be the best support to mom and become their own ideal parent?

  3. How can tasks be modified while mom may be healing from birth or surgery?

  4. How will the laundry, meal prep, dishes, and cleaning get done?

  5. How will older children spend their time?

Rest is the most important and having a plan can help to make that rest feel more relaxing. Things can pile up and not all the chores and errands need to get done but having a plan can also help with the easing back into life management with less overwhelm and anxiety.

There is so much personal research parents are doing today to create the best birth and home that they can for their baby. Let MOM plus ME help! MOM plus ME offers a stand-alone postpartum planning session to help you get started and connect you with the resources that can be helpful in your postpartum period.

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