Weathering Winter

Here we are in the depths of negative degree weather in Minnesota on these last days of 2017. My family has been staying inside as much as we can with two littles under 5. We get short 10 minute bursts of fresh air running around the backyard. We also have created a large movement space in the basement to keep the kids moving.

I love the crisp beauty of a white winter day but when the double digit negative windchill creeps in, I can feel the panic at the edges of my mind; and I have lived here my whole life. Will it ever be warm again? How can I survive weeks of these temperatures?

Surviving the winter in Minnesota can be tough. Long dark hours, bitter cold, slippery surfaces. All can be challenging for even the strongest person.

What do you do to cope?

With a new baby on the way or in your home, winter can seem daunting. How do you bundle? How do you get out of the house? How do you find motivation to get out of the house? What can you do that will give you energy to get through the coldest and darkest months of the year? We all have to find and foster our inner light to keep us going.

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Here are a few tips:

  • Dress yourself and baby in layers for getting in an out of the car. Keep extra blankets in the car.

  • Ask your doctor about supplements or light therapy if you are feeling the winter blues.

  • Create a routine of getting out of the house at least once a week (ideally more) and head to a place where you can move such as a mall or a gym or community center.

  • The Como Zoo & Conservatory (which is free or by suggested donation) and the Minnesota Zoo both have warm indoor spaces with lots of plants for fresh air to lift your spirits.

  • If you live more rural, planning visits to neighbors or friends can help break up the days and give you a change of scenery.

  • Bundle up and go for short walks. Unless the windchill is high or it is below zero, fresh air and movement is good for both you and baby as long as you have appropriate layers. Baby carriers can keep baby close to you. Walk with a wider stance on any uneven surface and avoid walking on ice.

  • Connect with friends and family via phone or face to face and talk about what you are looking forward to or what things you are trying to solve as you navigate new motherhood.

  • Create your own meaningful routine to bring light and life into your home. Light a candle, sing songs or listen to your favorite music, cook your favorite recipe or have your favorite hot beverage on hand. Look to these little routines when you are feeling the dark creep in.

We've passed by the darkest day of the year so every day has more sunshine. Once we get through February the negative numbers are limited and the warm days will return. Hope is on the horizon; just keep your eye on it!