Rediscovering Yourself

Becoming a Mom is like finding an old purse (if you use one) or maybe an old backpack. Suddenly life changes and when you have a moment, whether days after birth or years into parenting, to take a breath, check in with yourself, and look at how you have changed, you realize things are different. You were so excited to try the new bag that you have left some things behind that as you sort through them, different emotions arise. That chapstick you bought because you had to have it but never used it. A keychain a friend gave to you. Old coupons and gift cards to places you never visited but always wanted to. A memory keepsake you have carried with you for many years as a talisman that is still very meaningful to you.

As your body, emotions, personality and outlook on life have changed in big and small ways know that this is normal and it is okay to grieve what is different and to accept those differences that you appreciate. Your pre-baby body is gone and a new body is here to get to know. You are more or less patient with life. You are more sensitive to certain situations or things people say. You are more tired or maybe its easier to stay up than it was before. Every person's experience is a little different but we all are changed by this amazing experience of becoming responsible for another human's life.

How do you connect with your new values and what you want your future with this child to look like?

How do you create space for you to meet your own needs, discover and support your passions and still have space for your family?

What are you okay with letting go of, the old habits that have less meaning? What do you want to keep?

It's okay to give yourself time to think about your new life even when things are constantly changing and chaotic with a busy family. Use intention and mindfulness to create the MOM you want to be.