Thank you for your support!

I wanted to take this week to thank all the female owned businesses, entrepreneurs and women working in women's health and perinatal health for all their collaboration, encouragement and support as I grow this business at my own pace. I have only had positive suggestions support and encouragement along the way. If you are surprised you are one here, never underestimate the power of providing support to someone. If for some reason I did not get your name on here, I humbly apologize and hope you know that I thank you in my heart of hearts. I also want to thank all my friends, family and husband for listening to my ideas, loving me through my struggles, and watching the kids so I can work on my own ME. I highly recommended these businesses as great places to get good care, education and support during pregnancy, birth recovery, and new parenting.

EvolveWell OT - For entrepreneurial collaboration and giving me the opportunity to bill insurance. Jessica runs a successful in-home outpatient rehab business. EvolveWell offers individualized therapy and home modification services for individuals with chronic health conditions inside their own homes to maximize results and minimize inconvenience. Built to elevate those we serve to live their best life, our personalized approach may help with decreased pain, easier movement, improved mood, decreased stress, weight loss, increased ability to participate in day to day life.

Pregnancy & Postpartum Support Minnesota - For the that the providers I met with encouraging me from the beginning, the opportunity to get deep learning & discussion on PMADS & asking me to be the newsletter editor. PPSM (PSI-MN) is the voice for mental health during & after pregnancy. We are a trusted ally for families & practitioners, providing support, advocacy, awareness and training during this vulnerable time. We connect anyone who is struggling to support & quality resources, along with reassurance that you are not alone.

The Family Development Center - For my first referral. The Family Development Center also has a particular focus and expertise in helping people and families cope with pregnancy and post-partum related issues. We support clients struggling to get pregnant, experiencing worry and anxiety during pregnancy, recovering from a traumatic birth, mourning the loss of a pregnancy or child, facing post-partum depression and anxiety, or adjusting to the pressures of a growing family.

Wildtree Wellness - For group collaboration and OT student supervision. Wild tree providers believe that the mind-body connection is essential to life-long health and we are committed to teaching you how to be well for a lifetime – not just for now.

Iris Mental Health - To Crystal for encouragement and guidance. Iris providers offer in person, tele-therapy, and walk and talk therapy for anyone experiencing mental health difficulties. They specialize in Reproductive and Perinatal Mental Health, Relationships, Parenting, Trauma, as well as life transitions, anxiety and depression.

The Marriage Geek - For encouragement and getting to tag along at "supervision" lunches. For all your work in changing the birth and parenting scene in MN. Maureen works to create amazing families and powerful families.

Mindful Families - For referrals. Mindful Families is supporting families through growth-based therapy and skill building

Sprout Chiropractic & Wellness - To Jeni For group collaboration and entrepreneurial support.Feel Better, Live Pain FreeSprout Chiropractic & Wellness, LLC (houses Roseville Chiropractic) operates daily with the belief that because health touches all lives, we have a rare and unique opportunity to help others achieve their dreams. Whether this means a long life filled with laughter and love of friends and family, a life filled with sports, fitness and activities of all sorts, or a life of travel, work or leisure. Sprout Chiropractic & Wellness is committed to integrating the people, health related services and nutritional and health education opportunities necessary to make dreams come alive.

Naturally Aligned Family Chiropractic - To amber for her wonderful presence, for encouragement and an invitation to present to groups. At Naturally Aligned Family Chiropractic, our mission is to serve our patients and community with high quality, affordable chiropractic care in a comfortable and caring environment. Our goal is to educate and inspire people to take responsibility for their health to reach their maximum health potential. Most importantly, our vision is to improve the lives of children suffering from health problems and to inspire parents to become role models.

Active Health Chiropractic - To all the provider for encouragement, introducing me to BirthFit and group collaboration. At Active Health Chiropractic, we will provide consistently thoughtful, personalized, and perceptive chiropractic care.

Health Foundations Birth Center - For helping me start my motherhood journey and a space to present to groups. Health Foundations Birth Center + Women’s Health Clinic offers luxurious, high-end design, combining comfort and safety with a commitment to environmentally friendly and locally sourced materials.

Roots Community Birth Center - For being amazing in their work!! For encouragement, interest and an opportunity to present to groups. Roots Community Birth Center was born out of a vision to make out-of-hospital birth accessible and welcoming for all families. Our space was created to make you feel comfortable, welcomed, at ease, and at home.

Twin Cities Midwifery - For supporting my own birthing journey from my first miscarriage and for encouragement and opportunities to present to groups. Twin Cities Midwifery serves families of all races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, and gender identities. Our personalized care is built upon safety, evaluation, education, and shared decision-making so that each family receives the support and guidance they deserve during their incredible journey.

Roseville Community Education - For the opportunity to connect to a broader public, more classes this spring!

One Strong Mama - To Lindsay for supporting my own birthing body, helping me gain a deeper understanding of the pelvis and all things birth, and for encouragement. The comprehensive prenatal exercise program for mamas who want to prepare their bodies the smart way.

Whole Mama Project - For personal coaching & deeper feminine connection. I am here to listen, nudge and encourage you to get curious about the barriers keeping you from feeling at home in your body and to discover whatever wholeness might mean for you so that you can mother from a place of deep self-compassion. This is a journey that requires constant attention, and I hope that when you are in need of a little lightness and realignment you come back to this space often.

Sobas Photos - For networking and encouragement & a future photo shoot. Sasha Sobaszkiewicz Griner, owner of Sobas Photos, knows how easy it is to get stuck in our day to day routines which is why she offers boudoir and vintage portraits. It's a chance to treat yourself to a little bit of luxury and come away with refreshed sense of confidence.

Linda King & Twin Cities Breastfeeding Coalition - for encouragement and support during my lactation educator training & the opportunity to help build a better community supportive of breastfeeding.

AOTA & the WHOT Community of Practice - For the opportunity to connect with other pioneers in this area of OT.

The Functional Pelvis OT pioneers course - For great education and handout materials. Lindsey provides a easy to digest comprehensive course perfect for OT's interested in the field of pelvic health.